J2K Activity Group

The VSF J2K Activity Group completed the second phase of its work during the 2Q 2018, and issued a Technical Recommendation on June 5, 2018 entitled "TR-01:2018 Transport of JPEG 2000 Broadcast Profile video in MPEG-2 TS over IP". This version of the document adds the following capabilities to the original version (TR-01:2013):

  1. Ultra-low latency: Enables encoding of professional video using horizontal independent JPEG 2000 stripes. End to end latencies of less than one video frame are possible.
  2. Higher video resolutions, frame rates and bit depths: Supports 4K UHD and higher resolutions as well as up to 120fps and 12bit depths.
  3. Broader color space and mastering display metadata: Expands color space to include color primaries, transfer characteristics and matrix coefficients, in accordance with the values defined in Rec. ITU-T H.273 and adds mastering display metadata as described in SMPTE ST 2086-2018
  4. Expanded audio bit depth and channel pair count
  5. Interoperability clarifications: Addressing incompatible definitions of the JPEG2000 elementary stream header in reference documents; Annex M of Rec. ITU-T T.800 ISO/IEC 15444-1 and in Annex S of Rec. ITU-T H.222.0 ISO/IEC 13818-1
  6. Interoperability points: A table was created in the document, which lists 28 specific interoperability points and includes values for technical parameters of each interoperability point. This is a subset of the total possibilities in the recommendation

Following the publication of TR-01: 2018, the J2K Activity Group will continue work to determine additional TR-01 J2K-ULL interoperability points especially concerning UHD content and with the goal of aligning with SVIP interoperability points. Also will consider 2SI application to blocking mode. The result of this effort may include:

  • Create interoperability points table addendum
  • Consider any impact to the TR for the new points and suggest TR addendum
  • Organize base level interop workshop/VidTrans Demonstration
  • Publish profiles & any necessitated TR-01 addendum

If you would like to participate, please contact the Co-Chairs of the J2K Technical Recommendation Group listed below, or the VSF Operations Manager.

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