Video Content Project

The Video Content Project (VCP) was formed to create test materials that can be used by VSF member companies for codec testing and a variety of other purposes. The first set of test clips has been produced; these original clips are uncompressed HD content in the format of 1080p 59.94fps with a 4:2:2 color space. This content was captured directly from a camera using SMPTE 372-2009 dual-link operating at 2.967 Gbps on a high-performance digital recorder that stored all video content in uncompressed image files. Ambient audio was also recorded during the shooting sessions and has been merged with the video clips during the editing process.

This first set of these clips was publicly unveiled and used for interoperability testing of SMPTE 2022 transport devices which occurred during VidTrans 2012 in February. Several member companies also used the clips for demonstration purposes at NAB 2012.

Currently, the group is working with a team at the University of Texas, Austin to select suitable clips from a pool of content that has been captured at an on-campus sporting event. Additional shooting may be scheduled in the future. Input from all interested parties is welcome.

Please contact Wes Simpson or Pierre Costa if you are interested in participating in the team that is managing this project.

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